Inizio Saldi Invernali 2019 Da All'egra Bologna

This is the start of the 2019 winter sales, discounts and promotions! However they are called the meaning is always the same: convenience! What to buy during the sales? Well, high quality products for clothing and its accessories. Why? Because a quality garment is simply better, in the fabric, in the finish, in the model. It comes from a wide and serious research of the producer and the retailer who buys it. It is a garment that when you wear it you notice that it is special, timeless and that it lasts “a lifetime”. Also in season it is the one that has a higher price, so how can you not discount it? There is talk of a wild but conscious shopping. Take advantage of the excellent savings opportunities, to buy clothes, blouses and all the wonders that we dreamed during the winter season and that we added on our wish list. In our store, both online and physical, you can find some of the best brands in circulation. Many are already taking advantage of promotions on our products of Les Coyotes de Paris, Rame and Phisique du Role

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